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In the course of 14 months i've lost between 50 to 70 pounds and i actually have muscle definition.  I have glow and aura and pep in my step which never was there before.  The level of discipline and restraint have gone through the roof.  When i'm at work, I even talk about the application of philosophy in my life.  I would not be where i'm at now in my life if it wasn't for Master Gathings and the instructors at the Academy Of Soo Do Thai.

Paul Gruszczinski


I have been a police officer for over 15 years and have been a student for over a year at the Academy Of Soo Do Thai.  Since enrolling, my professional confidence, self-control, and safety has increased greatly!  I was referred to this school SPECIFICALLY by two other long time police officers BECAUSE of the high reputation and skill level of the instructors.

Greg Huges

Police Detective


Before joining Soo Do Thai's M.M.A. program i had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and i was overweight.  Being a former wrestler, wrestling coach, and amateur powerlifter, i have been in pretty good shape most of my life.  After i hit 35 things seemed to change.  My metabolism seemed to slow to a halt!  It seemed that i was not seeing the same results from my workouts as in my younger days.  I decided i had to try something different.  Being a fan of M.M.A., and knowing the training they go through, i decided to try it.  I saw a news video about Soo Do Thai on youtube that really impressed me.  So i called, and Christine set me up with my first class.  The rest is history.  It's now 7 months later, i am 40lbs lighter, my blood pressure and cholesterol are both now back to normal, and i just won my first jiu-jitsu tournament!  I would like to thank Sensei Gathings, as well as the other instructors at Soo Do Thai for getting me in the best shape of my life.

Frank J. Lehman

M.M.A. Student 


Dear Master Gathings and Sensei's,


I want to express my deep heartfelt thanks to all of you on behalf of my three boys and myself.  This year has been FULL of so much heart-ache and major transition for us.  Divorce has shattered their hearts and left me as a single mom trying to get on my feet, support them in every way, as well as rediscover the "me" that was lost and who was presumed dead after so many years of pain.  If it were not for all of you I don't know where we would be!!!  You all have been more than our instructors, you have been family to us.  Wow, i am so choked up writing this.  My sons constantly tell me what their sensei's mean to them.  My oldest son, mentally beyond his years, worried that because of my financial struggle we would no longer be able to attend Soo Do Thai.  I assured him that things would be o.k.  He then said to me that Soo Do Thai means the world to him and that it changed his life.  He's eleven.  My middle son referred to one of his sensei's as his karate dad.  He said "Mommy, he gets me."  My youngest son is so passionate about his training although he is only four.  As for myself, well i not only shed 103 pounds, but i shed a lot of the pain with it.  The happy, loving, silly, outgoing person came back with a fierceness that was lacking in the past.  I love training in Karate!!!  My goal is to be a Black Belt instructor at the school.  It has been life changing for me.  When i'm stressed it is definitely a stress reliever.  I am in grad school and i often study late at night.  In the middle of the night while i'm studying, if i get stressed, i will stop and do some katas until i'm relaxed.  Oh, and i can't leave out my passion for training in M.M.A.!  Oh my goodness!!!  I cannot wait to get in the cage someday!!!  Oh, and at 34 years of age i am constantly being mistaken for someone that's ten years younger!!!  LOL, Yes, LOVE IT!!!  KIA!!!

From the bottom of our hearts NO words are adequate enough to express our LOVE and GRATITUDE for ALL of YOU!!!  THANK YOU is not enough!




Anitra and sons! 




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